These are NOT all-inclusive worksheets, but only a guide for the information that your tax preparer will need.  Your tax preparer will only need the annual amounts, but most clients find it easier to fill out monthly.  If you did not have Excel, you can download OpenOffice for free.  Remember, for items costing $200 or more, keep the receipts separate and fill out the worksheet under “Major Purchase”.

*** If your program tells you it’s in “Read-Only” mode, then save the spreadsheet to your computer, close the program, and open the saved spreadsheet. ***

2017 Questionnaire

2017 Additional Questionnaire if you have Children

529 Plan Information

General Tax Information Worksheet

Business Tax Worksheet (Generic)

Rental Property Tax Worksheet

Daycare Tax Worksheet

Daycare Meal Forms

Daycare Recording Time 2017

Daycare Recording Time 2018