Home Daycare Providers

If you are a Home Child Care Provider in Minnesota, Pride Tax Preparation is the best place to have your income taxes prepared!

I specialize in home day care providers STATEWIDE! Look at my Recording Keeping page for helpful information and worksheets. Tax returns for home businesses such as childcare can be complicated and time consuming. Pride Tax Preparation has the knowledge and experience preparing taxes for home day care / child care providers.

Most daycare returns are prepared for around $350-$400.

(New clients and/or a part-year of daycare may cost slightly more.)

You need a tax preparer in the Minnesota with the knowledge and experience to prepare taxes for home child care providers. You need someone who can handle preparing your taxes and getting the deductions and credits you deserve without spending an arm and a leg.

My mission is simple. It’s my job to help you maximize your deductions so you pay the least amount of taxes possible.

It’s important not to miss important deductions. You need to make sure that you get the proper deductions to achieve the maximum write offs against your income. Most people who work in the childcare industry are aware of this. The problem is, many of the tax preparers out there don’t take advantage of or aren’t really aware of the valuable deductions you’re entitled to. That equates to only one thing. You paying more taxes than you have to.

In addition, I will help guide you to find many other expenses you’ve paid for that can be written off. There may be some things you were never aware of. We want to make sure you’re get every penny you can. Be sure to fill out my Daycare Worksheet to help you account for expenses.

Here’s what you get when you have your taxes prepared by Pride Tax Preparation in Brooklyn Center:

In addition to helping you find all your deductions and credits, I will prepare and e-file your federal, state, and property tax / renters refund tax returns. You can take comfort in knowing that your income tax returns have been prepared right and you will be paying the minimum amount of taxes at the end of the year.

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