ACA Tools

Here are a few helpful links and a self-make worksheet that Tax Professionals may find useful.  This is a work in process, so check back soon.

  1. Silver and Bronze (All Years)
  2. State Exchange Websites
  3. UNOFFICIAL Silver and Bronze
  4. California (Covered California) Silver and Bronze (All Years)
  5. Colorado (Connect for Health) Silver 2014
  6. Connecticut (Access Health CT) Silver and Bronze 2014
  7. DC (DC Health Link) Silver and Bronze 2015
  8. Hawaii (Health Connector)
  9. Idaho (Your Health)
  10. Kentucky (KYNECT) Silver and Bronze (Current Year)
  11. Maryland (Health Connection) Silver and Bronze (Current Year)  [Separate Links]
  12. Massachusetts (Health Connector) Silver (All Years)
  13. Minnesota (MNSure) Silver and Bronze (All Years)
  14. New York Silver  [Age and Tobacco do NOT matter]
  15. Rhode Island (Health Source)
  16. Vermont (Health Connect) Silver and Bronze (Current Year)  [Age and Tobacco do NOT matter]
  17. Washington (Health Benefit Exchange) Silver and Bronze (All Years) [Separate Links]


Dusty’s 2015 ACA Exemption Worksheet

My 2015 8% Exemption Worksheet

My 2015 Simplified Annual 8% Exemption Worksheet

Dusty’s spreadsheet updated 1/15/2016.
My spreadsheets updated 2/16/2016.

Instructions for my Exemption Worksheet



Disclaimer #1:  This is just a self-created tool to determine if somebody qualifies for the exemption (or hardship) from the penalty because health insurance was over 8% of their income for the year.  I can not verify it’s accuracy.  If you find an error, please contact me so I can correct it.
Disclaimer #2:  I do not know the complex calculations in Excel.  Some of you may look at my calculations and know of an easier, better way to have done so.  However, I think all the calculations should be accurate.
Disclaimer #3:  This does NOT cover situations when a dependent is eligible for employer insurance.